Burton’s Whistler Deep Days part 1

Here’s a rad little Monday morning treat for you – part one of Burton’s Whistler Deep Days. When it snows in Whistler, it really snows; so much so that a sky high avalanche risk up in the alpine can make the shelter of the trees the only real place to ride safely – provided you don’t get stuck head first in a tree well of course. When you’ve got “massive Volkswagen sized pillows” to ride it’s hardly the worst compromise in the world. Part one here features riding from Mark Sollors, Jussi Oksanen, John Jackson, Mikkel Bang and more and if you weren’t already daydreaming about filling your pockets with light, fluffy powder instead of putting together that spreadsheet, you will be after this. Or tearing your hair out in envy. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Bring on part 2.

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