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Bugarest - An awesome snowboard film

Bugarest - An awesome snowboard film

http://mpora.com/videos/xYptGFogZ A while back, a largely unsponsored Finnish crew called KBR Productions sent us the teasers for a film they were making this year. We were blown away by the standard of riding on show, especially given that only one of these lads is sponsored!

Today, they sent us the full-length version of their movie – and we have to say it doesn’t disappoint. They say Finland has more pro-riders per head of population than any other country in the world – based on this film, I’d have to say I’m not surprised. These boys are absolutely awesome riders (switch double backflips anyone?), and the quality of the filming (which they did themselves) is pretty damn impressive too. The only funding they received from this shoe-string operation was from a few of their local parks – Look at the “thanks” at the end of the film for proof, you’ll notice only one rider mentions any sponsors. So when these lads say they’re just a bunch of mates, they actually mean it. It’s kids like these who are really “keeping it real”, and when they say they’re doing it for the love, you know they really mean it. I know I’m practically frothing at the gash here, but stuff like this gets me excited – it’s what snowboarding should be about. Seriously, watch it, it’s worth it.

  1. Ant

    Excellent film!
    One of the 3 bests of the season!

  2. billy manders

    it doesny matter wat video ive seen they are highly got balls of steel!the triple summersalt pretty hard tae beat am jealous!

  3. Tom

    Nice one! Awesome film, loved it!

  4. Petrus, Kbr

    All the song titles are listed in the credentials!

  5. jessie

    hee what is the song at 11:15 ?

    and greeat moovie :D

  6. Steve

    Great film, whats the track at 8:15. Sounds like Nas?

  7. goran

    Great job guys, respect!

  8. simos

    Skills…Great film!!


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