Brits 2012 – Highlights wrap-up video

Ah, there’s nothing like a surprise video of your drunken antics to catch you out. Just when we thought the British Championships were receding into a pleasant haze, along comes this highlights reel – featuring various ill-advised party interviews. That camera-mounted spotlight really brings out the sweaty, burnt complexions nicely, not least of WL deputy editor Tristan ‘lazy eye’ Kennedy. Still, it’s a great chance to catch up on all the action from the week – keep an eye out for Jamie Nicholls‘ epic slopestyle run and watch as Dan Wakeham attempts to teach the guy from Loaded to ride halfpipe (tip: best stick to perving over Sue Barker mate). Yep, this heady mix of powder, park, comps and music they call the Brits is unlike any other. See you next year!

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