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Billy Morgan lands Backside Triple Cork 1440


Another season, another triple. On Monday morning Team GB snowboarder Billy Morgan added a backside triple cork 1440 to the triple rodeo that went viral last year. While this trick isn’t a world first, Billy is the first British rider to land it and joins an exclusive list of global names including Torstein Horgmo, Seb Toots, Mark McMorris, Stale Sandbech, Seppe Smits, Max Parrot, Yuki Kadono and Shaun White.

The action went down during a regular day in the Breckenridge park, interestingly on the same jump that Shaun White learned his own version last month (though in contrast, Shaun closed the whole park for a private session and had a sled ferrying him back up  - word is he also had everyone present sign non-disclosure agreements). Having come close with his first attempt, Billy stomped the triple cork clean on the next go and immediately went back up to nail it a second time. As you can see from the video, the whole crew was as stoked as he was.

“It felt amazing,” he said afterwards. “Basically a year’s anticipation unloaded in 20 minutes.”

Billy is currently working to qualify for the Olympic Games in Sochi next year, and if he can get this trick on lock it bodes well for his chances in the inaugural slopestyle. Incidentally, we’re still waiting on anyone else to throw a triple rodeo…

  1. tristan

    @Keltron I think its was Hamish actually, his coach…

  2. Keltron

    Was that Medhurst with the ‘fuck me!’?

  3. jubay

    @Humphrey I think some rail tricks will be needed. And I think its interesting to see who will go to the Olympics…. A lot of talk boycott but no has stand up yet.

  4. Rob Stevenson

    Super-solid landing too – sketchiest thing in that vid was the tash ;-)

  5. Humphrey

    If he can nail this, the triple rodeo, and his cab 10 double in one run he has the olympic gold wrapped up

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