Big Rad Big Red Edit

The Motherlode Project have sent us another banging edit from the icy domes of the far North. This one tells the tale of what happened when the boys tackled on a fearsome beastie know only as… ‘Big Red’. This legendary monster measured nearly 20-feet from the tip of its nose to its tail, and had defeated and unseated many an unsuspecting shredder in the past. Its reputation was such that the Loch Ness Monster himself was said to quake in his prehistoric boots whenever the name was mentioned.

Thankfully, these brave lads from Glasgow had not only the skill, but the will to take on the beast and win! And while there were casualties along the way, their final victory means the slopes of Braehead are safe again. At least for now…

Incidentally, the Motherlode’s mainman Greg Bow and his ‘wee’ bro Brandon have just launched a new website – thebowsuk.com – where you can witness more of this kind of heroic feat. Check it out.