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Avalanche Blasting - Kazakhstan style

Avalanche Blasting - Kazakhstan style

You know when there’s been a big old dump and you hear all those massive bangs the next morning? That’s the pisteurs digging out their dynamite to make deliberate avalanche detonations. In France and Austria, these blasts tend to be pretty well controlled, and they help keep the mountain safe. In Kazakhstan it seems, things are very different. Whether these boys had been necking the vodka before they blew up this mountainside I’m not sure… but whatever they were on must’ve been pretty damn powerful, cos this is the mother of all fuck-ups.

Oh, and if anyone can provide accurate and or/amusing translations of the Russian, please feel free to use the comments section below…

  1. Timmy

    mother of all fuck-ups… slight understatement :|

  2. Yuliya

    Unfortunately don’t know english bad language well (i’m from Russia), but be sure those guys used the entire range of the dirtiest russian words. It was smth like:
    – Ready?
    – Ready
    – Yeah, it’s going down…. going down… oh shiiiiit!
    – Damn it!
    – Oh, fucking fuuuuck!

    BTW at the end of the video they say that this avalanche demolished 2 lift supports.

  3. PeteB

    Where was THAT?

    If they hadn’t set it off, it could have slipped naturally when the lift was in use!

  4. Martin Ritchie

    They should have called this video ” ‘Avalanche blasting’, or ‘How to turn a chair lift into a poma the Russian way…’ “

  5. Will

    I was in les deuz alps a few years ago and saw a load of lift pylons which had been taken out by a big slide set off by the pisteurs! It was crazy to see them just lying on the ground all crumpled up.

  6. debs

    that’s utterly terrifying. can’t make out a lot of the russian but I think the final bits are looking for someone to blame.

  7. Bob Gnarly

    My Russian’s not perfect, but I’m pretty sure that translates as “OH SHIT!”

  8. Mark

    That’s mental if a little frightening. Thank god no one was on the chair lift, or so we could see. I’ll stick to France I think.


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