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Is this 12-year-old the next Mikkel Bang?


The thing about the digital revolution and the web in general is there’s an awful lot of guff around. Gone are the days where you had to have talent (or at the very least, an obnoxiously loud personality) to get yourself a snowboard video part. These days any kid who thinks he’s pretty good can get a mate to film him, and then stick the movie up on Youtube for the whole world to see. Every now and then though, you see a web video that really stands out, featuring a kid who properly kills it. Like this one.

If stuff was still done the old way, it’d probably be years before we heard of this American super-grom Seamus O’Connor – he’d have to get sponsored by a few more brands, maybe win a few contests, and record a video part before we knew his name. It used to be that very few kids really broke through until they were 16 at the earliest. Which is why the ones who did, like Mikkel Bang (who you can watch at a similar age here) really stood out. But now, thanks to the wonders of the web, more young talents like this dude get to shine at an early age. Which is why, for all the crap, the internet rocks really…

  1. Martin

    This kid has more style than most pros. Real Horgmo-style!

  2. Ivan Huckerby

    Oh come on Jon K. It’s snowboarding, think about what you’ve written!!! How could he not enjoy it, it’s snowboarding. Lets imagine what kind of cool dude a slopestyle coach would be……….hmmmmmm. Yeah, I’m pretty sure the lad loves it, trust me.

  3. Jon K

    Don’t think I’m hatin’, because I’m not, I think this kid is incredible,
    but does he really enjoy snowboarding?
    I mean, he has a coach. I never liked anything I did where there was a coach telling me what to do and even yelling at me at times.

  4. ned bayles

    this dude is awesome!! how he’s that good at 12 i don’t know.

    wish i had the opportunities to board at his age..

    he is going to be very big when he’s 18..

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