40 seconds with Andy Nudds at Hemel Snow Centre

While the majority of the UK’s top rail riders were up at Castleford last Friday for the second leg of our November Knockout Tour, Andy Nudds pretty much had a whole park to himself down at Hemel Hempstead. This tidy edit from FBBB’s Richard Clark is pretty good demonstration of how to shut a park down in 40 seconds – without even the slightest hint of a sketch out (how rad is that frontside 540 mute?). Yes, after placing second to Ollie Dutton at the Tamworth leg of our rail jam tour, Nuddsy is going to be a force to be reckoned with come Friday. And with Alex Tank showing up to pick a rider to invite out to the Head Jib factory¬†amongst¬†rumours that Hemel will be pulling out all of the stops on their November Knockout park build, we’ve got a feeling that it’ll be a little busier as well…

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