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2012: a bloody good year for extreme sports

2012: a bloody good year for extreme sports

Sam Oetiker Sam Oetiker

2012 has been a pretty remarkable year for extreme sports and on top of the ‘lympics, a damn good one for sport in general at that. This ‘People are Awesome‘ style compilation picks out some of the key extreme sports achievements and events of the past year and we think it does a pretty stellar job of summing everything up.

On the snowboarding front they’ve included 16 year old Yuki Kadono’s backside triple cork 1440 at the Beijing Air and Style and Travis Rice winning the Red Bull Supernatural. Good to see that they haven’t overlooked Tom Schaar’s first ever 1080 on a skateboard or Trevor Jacob’s first ever double cork/backflip either. Perhaps even more remarkable are some of the things that we somehow missed this year – we’re not quite sure how we failed to catch wind (excuse the pun) of Gary Connery’s parachute-less wingsuit landing. And let’s not forget that dude that practically dropped out of space, breaking world records and the sound barrier in the process. Yep, people are freakin’ awesome.

Happy New Year from the whole Whitelines team and here’s to hoping that 2013 will be just as exciting, in snowboarding and elsewhere, as 2012 was!

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  1. Ernesto

    i watched this on mute with
    Lights (Bassnectar Remix)
    by Ellie Goulding
    on the background which turned out to be a better song to watch it

  2. HYIP Blog

    Lovely track you got here. This is a nice blog and I love the design.
    I am a fan of your extreme sport which is snowboarding.

  3. Barabimbaraboom

    This definitely qualifies for the 2013 one:


  4. Best Kahoona

    this has to be one of the greatest extreme sports achievements

  5. edward

    tyler *bradt was in 09 rafa ortiz was in 2012 for 2nd descent

  6. Sceko

    i love extreme sports

  7. Jamie Alexander

    pretty pumped, ive seen every single one of those vids, except for 2 of them

  8. Colman Coyne

    they forgot the world’s first triple bmx backflip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4eTMDkbS0fc

  9. peter ojo

    wow i love this track

  10. mustafa_arpaci


  11. Lino Lucente

    kinda sounds like Frou Frou mix with alex clare….good track. that dude felix…..INSANE!

  12. Andrew

    What song is playing?

    1. klyde frog

      seven lions “days to come”

  13. Anon

    Too bad Tyler Brandt’s record was from 2009….. Fail

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