14 year old Max de Vries ripping at the Montana Snowcenter in Holland

Max de Vries is a 14 year old dome kid from Holland who is starting to raise the eyebrows of many a Euro shred scene onlooker.

Who remembers¬†his B-roll footage from the streets of Innsbruck and Lithuania¬†that we posted a little while back? (P.s. it’s sick).

This Saturday, Max and the rest of the Postland Theory crew will be joined by the UK’s Will Smith and Ollie Dutton at the Montna Snowcenter in Holland for another Postland Rail Riot.

Judging by the hammers thrown by Max at the last one, we’re predicting it’ll be another world-class exhibit of how to ride rails indoors – at least on par with this old nugget featuring Russian whirlybird jibber Denis ‘Bonus’ Leontyev