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Windells Campers Part 1 - Summer 2014

Windells Campers Part 1 - Summer 2014

windells 2014

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  5. Session 5
  6. Windells Session 7 - Summer 2014
  7. Denis Leontyev
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The Windells campers rule! Whilst the pros have been hustlin’ up on Mt Hood all through the summer the kids have also been putting in the work and stacking footy!

Unfortunately there’s no names displayed so we don’t know exactly who we’re watching, but with huge names coming out of the ‘Funnest Place on Earth’ for over a quarter of a century now you can be sure a lot of the faces and tweaks will be hitting the world stages soon.

Dammit! Along with the usual pangs we get whilst watching shredding during the long hot summer months, we’re now wishing we’d been able to spend our summers at Windells, looks like it’s hella fun for those kids!



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