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Watch the Norwegians Killing it in Colorado

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – the Norwegians are going to take some serious beating come Sochi.

As individuals Stale Sandbech, Aleks Oestreng, Brage Richenberg and Ulrik Badertscher are awesome. As a team, they’re immense. And that’s before you even mention Torstein Horgmo.

Just check out this latest edit from the RK1 crew (which includes all of the above plus a couple of extras) filmed while training for the Olympic Qualifier in Copper. It’s so sick, and so stylish, and this is just them pissing around.

When the boys got their game faces on, they did even better, with Stale and Torstein racking up a Norwegian 1 – 2 finish, ahead of a certain Mr White…

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