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Stale Sandbech ‘Station To Station’ Episode 2: Colorado

Stale Sandbech is a long-standing Whitelines favourite, and his web series ‘Station To Station’ is a winner. Episode 2 has just gone live, check it out:

Shot in the build-up to the X Games, the latest episode shows Stale preparing for the Aspen comp with park laps aplenty. There’s a cameo from a pre-busted-rib Mark McMorris, and even photographer extraordinaride (and brother of Stale) Frode Sandbech gets some shots.

It’s always good to see more of Stale’s amiable blend of ridiculous talent and laid-back attitude – the kind that saw him win Olympic silver and accept his medal sporting a massive mohawk. Note to self: never accept a swig of this man’s Diet Coke…

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