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Stale Sandbech ‘Station to Station’ Episode 4: Spring Break

Norway’s prodigal son and the people’s favourite Stale Sandbech is back on our screens with episode 4 of his webs series Station to Station.

It’s the end of the season, the snow is all but gone and Summer is almost upon us. It can only mean one thing – Spring Break, man! Don’t expect anything too serious though. Apart from a few big booters and smooth rails, it’s basically Stale and the RK1 crew messing around, chugging beer and attempting double backflips off a roof. After a huge season involving medals at the ‘lympics, X Games and Burton US Open, we think he’s earned himself a week of partying, don’t you?

His ridiculous talent and chilled out vibe make him a hit with pretty much everyone, and he’s definitely not short of confidence when it comes to the ladies either – just check out the apres scenes at the end there!