Terje Haakonsen and Stale Sandbech go surfing… on a river?

A lot of snowboarders take to the waves come summertime, and Norwegian rippers Stale Sandbech and Terje Haakonsen are no different. While the call of the ocean is a strong one, in this video the boys have instead opted to hit the river:

The edit jumps right in with shots of Stale and Terje, but there’s then no sign of them (or anything interesting, for that matter) until about 2.40, so feel free to skip forward. Then do your best to endure the woeful Euro-pop, and enjoy watching two snowboard superstars trying (and occasionally failing) to turn their hand to another discipline.

Given that Burton doesn’t make surfboards, Terje’s on a Lib Tech stick. On loan from Volcom team-mate Jamie Lynn, perhaps?

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