Too Hard Trailer – Gnarliest arm break ever!

These days, the sheer number of snowboard flicks released every year means that film-makers have to do something a bit special to ensure their movie stands out. In fact, the teasers for snowboard films have almost become as important as the flicks themselves, with editors cramming as many creative and interesting ideas as they can into their three minute previews in order to generate interest. But while incredible cinematography and impressive editing definitely work, there’s still one sure fire way to get people watching that’s far cheaper and easier – stick a seriously gnarly slam in.

The makers of Too Hard obviously know this, because they’ve made a teaser that takes it to its logical extreme, consisting solely of one hideously nasty slam. Honestly, have you ever seen anything as gnarly as this? I defy anyone to sit and stare at the image at 1.05 for any length of time without feeling slightly sick. Bleurgh…

Still, gets your attention, doesn’t it?

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