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Think Thank - Mind the Video Man Trailer...again!

Think Thank - Mind the Video Man Trailer...again!

Sam Oetiker Sam Oetiker


Think Thank’s official trailer for their ninth movie, ‘Mind the Video Man’ has dropped and as you’d expect from one of the most creative crews that snowboarding has ever seen, it’s really sick. Think plenty of one-foot and no-foot shredding, a backflip onto to a down ledge and a mad frontflip board transfer. Does the latter trick remind anyone else of this? Ok, so it’s not quite on the same scale but it is similar in its concept, and as we speculated, has been landed – only a year and a half later for that matter!

Oddly, a trailer for the movie first appeared online back in February but has since been removed from Youtube. Perhaps lots more bangers were stomped after the initial edit went out? Or maybe they regretted dropping the original so early in the season? Either way, check this out – it’s going to be one to watch come autumn.

  1. Big Charlie

    Where’s Gus? Without Gus in the film, im gonna be watching it thinking, so where’s Gus then? Woulda be nice to have Gus there. I hope Gus is ok with this, bit mean if they left him out. Dont like it when people get left out. Gus is mint. Patch work patterns should be a section you can dine out on forever Gus. Plus even if Gus just messes around a bit, get him in there, not everyone is arsed about front flip board transfers you know. Ok im arsed about front flip board transfers but i think ive made my point, hault the film and get Gus in there. Put him in Scott Stevens place….only kidding, nar im not, put Scott in the extras….with Gus. Can you please let them know before its too late. Cheers.

    1. sam

      Haha we agree dude! He will definitely be missed in this one.


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