Snowboarding meets wrestling?! ‘Saturday Night Ride’ teaser

Not your average teaser this. “When an ex pro snowboarder is released from prison for a crime he didn’t commit, the snowboarding world he thought he could return to has become something far beyond his wildest dreams. Pro wrestling and snowboarding have become fused into an all-new sport…”

Or so the official pitch goes for this heavy hitting snowboard flick from Wild Card productions starring Manuel Diaz, Patrick McCarthy, Nick Ennen, Kurt Jenson, Austen Sweetin, Joe Bosler, Andy Bergin-Sperry and friends. The riding alone looks worth a watch – beady eyed viewers will note Northwest legend Pat McCarthy hitting the famous Mt Baker road gap – but when you throw in some bizarre night-time wrestling ring gap jumps and stupid commentary, Saturday Night Ride looks even better. Certainly a better stab at a Hollywood parody than this lame effort from the Germans…

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