Jeremy Jones’s Higher 2014 Trailer Is Out


We’ve seen Deeper and Further. Now Jeremy Jones is back with the trailer for his new movie Higher – and yes, it really is as epic as you might imagine. If Mel Gibson were a snowboarder, this is the trailer we’d imagine him making.

Cue clips of towering peaks, massive avalanches, abseiling in crazy couloirs, Jeremy standing open-mouthed at the prospect of splitboarding up a face of sheet ice. There’s no doubt the riding will be sick. But there will also be a fair share of shots capturing Jeremy wistfully gazing from the top of the world to a Hollywood ‘achievement’ backing track. Guaranteed to come with a double helping of cheese.

As with his previous two films, the title Higher is just crying out with double-entendre potential. Someone needs to nail a parody of this fast, preferably with a guest appearance from Snoop Dogg.

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