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Harakiri - new teaser from France's finest

Harakiri - new teaser from France's finest

http://mpora.com/videos/UwIjXrtbg French crew Harakiri are back again with another full-length movie, En Voiture Simone.

With the teaser bar raised to new heights by Rip Curl’s latest offering, we were unsure if we could still get all that excited about a ‘conventional’ one. As it happened, there was nothing to worry about – by the time Jello Biafra let out his first ‘Yippe Tai Yai Yai Yai Yo’, we were stoked.

Hara Kiri will be releasing the full movie on Mpora in September, for free. Until then, catch up with last year’s movie Pan Pan. It’s trés bon!


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