CAPiTA Defenders of Awesome 2 Teaser

That’s right folks, The Brisseburger, Kenny Chimps, Sleepy Stevens, Danger Pony, French Vanilla, Crusty Dusty and The Bird Man are all back, now with added Afroman, Young Joc, The Yaw Goon, SD Gerry and Mike Rav as well.

Or as they’re usually know – Dan Brisse, Cale Zima, Scott Stevens, Jess Kimura, Phil Jaques, Dustin Craven, Brandon Cocard, Kazuhiro Kokubo, Johnny O’Connor, Dylan Gamache, Branden Gerard and, well, Mike Rav.

The goliaths of shred have united under the CAPiTA banner once again for Defenders of Awesome 2 – STAY BAD ASS

Yup, these goliaths of shred have united under the CAPiTA banner once again for Defenders of Awesome 2 – STAY BAD ASS and if the trailer is anything to go by, it’s going to be about as bad ass as the last installment three years ago.

Insane is a word bandied around the internet quite liberally these days, but in this case it doesn’t really do it justice. If some scooter kid doing a double backflip is insane, this is Heath Ledger as The Joker playing operation on Jack Torrence from The Shining whilst Patrick Bateman from American Psycho masturbates in the corner.

Mike Rav’s handplant on the ceiling, Dustin Craven’s near vertical powder 5050, Dan Brisse’s megalithic redirects, the fact Dylan Gamache is in a full movie, Kazu’s cat-like ariel save, anything with Scott Stevens in… All of these are very good reasons to get excited for the 13th of September.

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