Brandon Cocard – Defenders Of Awesome 2 Teaser

While we may still be prone to the odd cased of the Mondays, Tuesdays are a different story – at least as long as CAPiTA keep releasing teasers for their upcoming movie, Defenders of Awesome 2:


  1. CAPiTA - DOA 2
  2. Kazu Kokubu
  3. Cale Zima
  4. Mike Rav
  5. Johnny O'Connor
  6. Brandon Cocard
  7. Phil Jacques
  8. Brendan Gerard
  9. Dylan Gamache
  10. Dan Brisse
  11. Jess Kimura
  12. The Review
  13. Scott Stevens

This week it’s Brandon Cocard that gets the honour. You might remember him as the guy who slid the famous 68-stair rail in Switzerland – or as the one whose name inspired a thousand terrible “cock hard” puns.

Either way, these clips show a nice mix of urban and backcountry that suggests his forthcoming part will be another all-round killer; looks like he’s had no problems staying badass since DOA.