Absinthe Films - Heavy Mental Teaser

Even with the barrage of teasers, trailers and webisode recaps that hits WL HQ every spring/summer, there are still a few simple words that permeate through our desensitized hides and give us the goosebumps.

Absinthe Films is one.

For decades now the Absinthe crew have been putting out the very best in shred flicks, the whole time keeping to the simple but highly effective formula of teaming great riders with good camerawork and amazing music. Yes, they do tend to stick to ‘the format’ pretty religiously, but as they almost pioneered the craft you can’t help but love almost every title.

Introducing their 2014/15 movie: ‘Heavy Mental’. Whilst it’s not the snappiest of titles, the little you can see from this teaser suggests this’ll be one of their best yet. When Absinthe make a movie, they go huge and the riders swiftly follow suite.

Those street gaps are huge. Those Alskan spines are huge. The names that flash up at the start are huge.

Bode Merrill, Wolle Nyvelt, Austin Sweetin, Victor de le Rue, Victor Daviet, Blair Habenicht, Romain Demarchi, Mat Schar, Johnnie Paxson, Sylvain Bourbousson, Ozzy Henning and Rusty Ockenden. All names that you could either pick out from a line up of legends or a list of fresh riders that we’re the most excited about.

Bravo Absinthe, we can’t wait to see the full version when it hits in September.

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