Snowboarders Skateboarding – Summertime is Here


It’s official, our Spring Break is now over and we have to start facing the awful truth: summertime is here.

It’s not all bad though, now begins the annual tradition of snowboarders picking up skateboards and trying to be as cool as our four wheeled friends.

This is always only a momentary fad, as son as the temperature dips under five degrees again we’ll throw them back in the cupboard and start pining for the soft and forgiving snow.

Luckily however, there are some snowboarders that are actually quite good at skating, for instance check out this edit of pros from Forrest Bailey, Jesse Burtner and Scott Blum amongst others getting their summertime street on.

OK, it’s not as good as your average Kingpin/Sidewalk approved edit, but as usual with snowboarders, they look like they’re spending way more time having fun than they are trying to look cool or legit. Bring on the summer!

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