Rider Parts

Zeppelin Zeerip Rips


‘Who’s snowboard is that?’


‘Who’s Zep?’

‘Zep shreds baby.’

Honestly, with a name like Zeppelin Zeerip (it can’t actually be his real name can it? No one is that cool) of course you’re going to be at least alright at snowboarding. But this good? Come on, that’s just unfair now.

Starting off a season edit with a laid out backflip over the Baker Gap is some statement, but to follow it with backcountry riding of this caliber is something else.

Japan 7 – check. Tweaked to hell method – check. Miller flip over a tree – check.

Solid performance, especially a variety of doubles all put down in powder, including our favourite: the laid out double backie. Like Halldor with the rough edges smoothed out, this is a pretty rad part. Hoping to see more of Zep next year!

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