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Frank April gives double Deja Vu


Remixing and re-releasing a part from a movie called Deja Vu is pretty next level post modernism, but in this case we’ll let it slide as Frank April‘s ‘Redux’ part is just, well, insane.

The yeti of the streets took them apart last winter, as you can see from the clip above. Even last year any of those rail transfers could have been not just a part ender, but an ender ender.

No one even sees, let alone rides rails like Mr April can. Case in point: the triple kink at 0.45, seen in many a recent euro video, rather than stacking another slide Frank instead makes up a whole new line and goes for the gap transfer instead. Bolts. Followed up by one of the gnarliest switch ups ever.

To ride like this you really do need balls the size of watermelons. Frank April, we doff our flat peaks to you.

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