Like a Stepchild: full movie

Last week we had a first glimpse at Stepchild’s new team edit ‘Like a Stepchild’ and the full twenty minutes of hammers from the likes of JP Walker, Simon Chamberlain, Joe Sexton, Alex Stathis and E-Man Anderson has now dropped for our digital consumption. While we may have seen a fair bit of this footage already in other projects (the Jibberish web series or Sexton’s Videograss part for example), there’s plenty of new stuff in here to keep things feeling fresh.

All in all this is a street-heavy affair which makes sense when you consider the riders on the team. Highlights for us include E-Man Anderson and his stupidly clean presses and ‘G’ riding style (no idea what’s up with that mask though – was it Halloween or is that just how he rolls?) and Joe Sexton with a bunch of creative/tech tricks. Also encouraging to see that The Don is still more than capable of putting out a soild part after donkey’s years filming ’em. How rad is that cab 450 on 270 off?