Jamie Nicholls lapping the Hemel Snow Centre


He might be an international riding success now, but Jamie Nicholls still has time to put in a few laps at one of the UK’s premiere jibbing facilities, Mt. Hemel.

As different the fridge’s set up is compared to the likes of Sochi or even Mayrhofen, Mr Nicholls proves precisely why he is one of our best by adapting to the park and throwing down all sorts of weird an wonderful shapes.

No massive kicker to throw triples or cab 14s off? No worries, at 16 seconds he’s got a sick little cab 1 to frontflip off the knuckle up his sleeve as well as a cab 1 to method, a serious twister of a trick.

Plus he gives the Whitelines flat bar a serious working over in switch, including a nosepress cab 3 out and a backlip to pretzel. Rail tech wizardry we think is the phrase.

He’s a big boy now, but it’s safe to say he won’t forget where he came from, thanks Jamie!