High Cascade Session 4 – Summer 2014

hcsc 2014

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Unfortunately for the session 4 HCSC campers, their week consisted mainly of rain, wind and a unbelievably soggy snow pack. Yet somehow the filmers and riders still came up trumps and launched out this rad session recap edit.

Featuring barley any ‘traditional’ park riding – and not even a ‘proper’ song – it shows just how much you can do on a snowboard without going anywhere near a rail or kicker. Slushy two foot halfpipe slidin’, river ollies and good old fashioned euro carves all get a look in here.

Blake Paul, Spencer Schubert, Nils Mindich, Will Lavigne, Christian Hobush, Gus Warbington, Tommy Gesme, and Frank April all get shots in this slow, moody edit, with a cameo from the High Cascade marshmallow himself – one of the most haunting, terrifying edit intros we’ve ever seen.

The highlights are undoubtedly Spencer Schubert‘s DIY tail job, Tommy Gesme‘s stylish wanderings and Frank April‘s beast of a back 270 transfer gap – closing out the edit.

Good times at Mt Hood.


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