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Every Third Thursday - fragile Italian glass snowboard

Every Third Thursday - fragile Italian glass snowboard

Sam Oetiker Sam Oetiker

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vmZ1QfZ9SkkIt’s always a pleasant surprise when we realise that it’s that time of month again and a fresh new episode from Signal’s earth-shattering board construction series drops onto our virtual desktops. In this episode of Every Third Thursday Dave Lee heads out to Italy to build a snowboard entirely from glass. Yep, we couldn’t quite get our head around how it could ever work either…

Watch as the gang cut, press and temper an incredible see-through masterpiece and see what happens when they take it onto the hill for a ride. It’s another inspired idea with impressive test results and after last month’s slightly underwhelming penny snowboard, it’s safe to say that Dave Lee and the gang are back on top form.

  1. Micheal Sebastian Awesome-Face

    Imagine 50-50 that bugger and have a shard of glass castrate you, circumcise you and tear you a new a*****le all at the same time. Ouchys.


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