David Attenborough Commentates on Curling

The BBC has absolutely smashed it this Winter Olympics, with wall-to-wall coverage and honestly, the best sports commentary we’ve ever heard on the box by Ed Leigh and Tim Warwood.

But while we knew Auntie was great at covering live events, we didn’t realise the venerable old dame was also pretty good at taking the piss out of herself! Here one part of the BBC (Radio One) enlists the help of another (David Attenborough’s documentary division – and yes, that is the real David Attenborough) to take the piss out of a third (curling coverage). But how rad are those results!

But then perhaps we shouldn’t be so surprised. After David Attenborough’s hilarious commentary of a night the other week (complete with “thrusting males” and “regurgitating females”) perhaps this is just another example of the living legend branching out…

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