Arbor Destroy SuperPark 18

Arbor have one hell of a team don’t they? A bunch of your favourite snowboarder’s favourite snowboarders, they seem to have to perfect blend of style, creativity and gnar to get even the most embittered core rider’s juices flowing.

Take this edit from SuperPark for example. Earth surfer Curtis Woodman kicks it off with some fun boarding (he is a powder rider after all) before the rest of the team get to slaying the rails and hips of Mt Hood Meadows.

Yuma Abe nails a 720 off of a flat bar, Brandon Hammid aka ‘The Moose’ throws himself into everything with reckless abandon, Erik Leon gets huge and stylish and then Scotty Vine steps up.

As usual, he’s the guys with the hammers stashed in his pack. The front flip off the rail down the drop: hammer. Triple rail transfer: hammer. That method on the hip: sledgehammer.

There’s a few team edits coming out of SuperPark, out of them all so far this is the one to watch.

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