Airblaster Search for the Sasquatch

Out in the lonely mountains of North Western America there lies a myth, a legend. A mighty beast known in hushed tones as The Abominable Snowman or simply: Sasquatch.

Airblaster sent two intrepid explorers – Tim Eddy and Temple Cummins, members of the Sasquatch Alpine Surf Club – to investigate rumours of the beast’s sightings. Whilst they only uncovered small clues to its whereabouts what they found in abundance was powder. Lots of powder.

Whilst snowboarding has always sat a bit uneasy beside endorsement deals, Airblaster have once again nailed their outerwear infommercials by way of their usual avoidance of any semblance of seriousness.

For all its benefits, marketing recycled Gore-Tex could be pretty dull stuff, but here it looks positively invigorating. Yo can go check out their new range here.

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