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A new style of snowboarding? - Jay Hergert in 'Just Plain Kruising'

A new style of snowboarding? - Jay Hergert in 'Just Plain Kruising'

Sam Oetiker Sam Oetiker

The words ‘surf-style’ and ‘flow’ are bandied about a lot in snowboarding these days and it’s rare to see a rider that really captures the true essence of both.

It’s even rarer to see that kind of surfy style in a park setting. We’d never come across Jay Hergert before watching his section in Jupiter People’s ‘Just Plain Kruising’ but it’s pretty much the raddest thing we’ve seen all day.

Like Nicolas Müller, Jay is a great example of a rider who has the ability to properly feel his way down the mountain rather than just hitting features in a more tried and tested, conventional way.

Tripods, butters into kickers and unconventional grabs are all incorporated into his laps of Bear Mountain and he basically manages to make it look like he’s having the most fun ever (he probably is tbh).

Of course, Jussi Oksanen has been bringing butters into his kicker tricks for years now and the Japanese have dedicated entire movies to flatground buttering but are we finally beginning to see this more creative, surfy style make it’s way from the powder and back into the parks?

Let us know what you think in the comments section below…

  1. Andy

    There’s elements I like a lot and others, and its mainky the “surf inspired” tripods and camouflaged reverts that I think look sloppy and a bit ugly. Not sure about that tramp hat either. The dudes obviously loving it though so fill your boots.

  2. MIKEGrass

    sorta reminds me of tim eddy’s style.

  3. Jon Moy

    So fluid and floaty! great choice of track too. Makes me want to go ride much more than a lot of more technically advanced edits

  4. jay

    expect to see it more in the backcountry :)

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