8 Snowboarders dicing with death

We’ve all been there, charging hard or tearing up the park when suddenly you know it’s all gone wrong. You’ve over rotated, you’re off angle, you’ve somehow missed the kid sat in the run off or worse yet, that rushing sound behind you is not a roar of applause but rather an avalanche chasing you down the slope. In these moments everything seems to slow down giving you plenty of time to start praying like never before as you consider just how badly this is going to hurt.

For lots of us, messing up results in an epic faceplant and sometimes a gnarly war wound. But for some people it is a moment of total triumph, when you can’t believe you have survived and walked away from what could easily have been crippling injury or even death. It’s time to buy your guardian angels a brew and say a quick thank you to the man upstairs.

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