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How to Cab 180

How to Cab 180

Rachel Verity Rachel Verity

Do a backside or frontside 180 and you’re going to land travelling backwards, so how do you revert to riding normal again? Easy – you’re going to learn how to do a ‘cab’ 180 ollie (sometimes referred to as a ‘half cab’). The term ‘cab’ comes from legendary skateboarder Steve Caballero, and just means switch frontside. This is another classic trick, and an essential link if you’re going to learn further spins such as the cab 360 or cab 5. The halfcab is also perfect for throwing off cliff drops, or if you’re trying butter tricks on the piste and end up riding switch. In fact, anytime you ride backwards and want to revert to riding normal again, you’ll need to throw one. Let’s get it dialled.

How to Cab 1801. Ride along backwards, and get ready to reverse many of the manoeuvres that constitute the ollie. Crouch low, and prepare to spring upwards.

2. As with the frontside 180 ollie, you’re aiming to initiate all of the spin for the trick in this first ollie part, so pre-wind the trick (twist your upper body the opposite way you’re going to spin) and aim to get some purchase on the ground so your board stays straight. To do this, dig in either your toe edge or heel edge, depending on which feels more natural for you.

How to Cab 1803. As you spring up, pull up on your leading leg and ollie off the back of your board (which is actually your nose since you’re riding backwards).

How to Cab 1804. Throw your arms into the spin. You’re aiming to stand upright and leave the ground with your shoulders square to the direction you’re heading.

How to Cab 1805. As you head into the air, suck your legs up towards your body and keep turning your arms around. Your board should catch up with your upper body and be at 90 degrees by the time you reach the apex of the air.

How to Cab 1806. Here’s the landing part – and it’s much, much easier than you might think as you’re about to land going forwards. On the way down, begin to extend your legs ready to absorb the impact.

How to Cab 1807. To make matters even easier, if you try to land ever so slightly on your heel edge, with the tail landing first, then the board will naturally slide into place and align itself in the direction you’re heading – even if you don’t make it all 180 degrees around.

How to Cab 1808. Ride away in your normal stance, looking for the next bump to play on. Keep practicing the moves above, and get them into one smooth-flowing acr and you’ll be able to do cab 180s.

How to Cab 180

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    Don’t forget the part where you fall down in the middle ;)

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