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How to Frontside Boardslide with Victor De Le Rue

09:26 20th August 2013 by Sam Oetiker

Much like the method and the backside 180, the frontside boardslide is perhaps the one rail trick that has truly stood the test of time in the big black book of snowboard tricks. Every notable rail rider from JP Walker to Forest Bailey will have the frontside boardslide in their arsenal for the simple reason that it is still one of the best looking tricks out there – whether you slide them between the feet or more on the front foot like Victor does here. When I cast my memory back to the time when I was hitting rails for the first time I remember thinking that I would be content if I could do a solid frontside boardslide. Sure enough, it became my staple rail trick for ages.

So listen to what Victor De Le Rue has to say about this classic and get out there and try ‘em. They’re honestly the best.

How to Frontside Boardslide with Victor de le Rue1. Head towards the kicker with the rail ever so slightly on one side (if you’re goofy it should be slightly on your left, for regular riders just on your right). Keep a flat base, with your weight low and centred over the board.

How to Frontside Boardslide with Victor de le Rue2. As you near the kicker, shift your weight slightly over your toes.

How to Frontside Boardslide with Victor de le Rue3. Pop off your tail, suck your legs up and turn your board across the rail, committing to its angle. Like the backside boardslide, you’re going to need to lean into the rail at the exact same angle that it is on the hill, so you’re landing on the metal with a totally flat base. Because you’re going to slide down the rail backwards, this takes quite some getting used to (your brain will be telling you that you’ll catch your heel edge – ignore it). If you don’t commit to the rail, you’ll end up sliding face first into it!

How to Frontside Boardslide with Victor de le Rue4. At the same time as you’re popping over the rail, you should also be twisting your upper body so you can look straight down it. Do this by turning your shoulders in the opposite direction to your board. This not only allows you to see where you’re going, but also provides the spring you need to unwind back into your regular stance at the end of the trick.

How to Frontside Boardslide with Victor de le Rue5. Try to ‘lock in’ to the slide, maintaining this stylish position all the way down the rail. Keep your eyes firmly fixed on the end of the rail and use your arms for balance.

How to Frontside Boardslide with Victor de le Rue6. At the end, drop off the rail and twist your legs back around to your normal riding position, extending them to meet the ground.

How to Frontside Boardslide with Victor de le Rue7. Land with your board pointing down the fall line, ideally on a flat base, and ride out straight until you’ve gained enough control to turn.

How to Frontside Boardslide with Victor de le Rue

  1. suit

    Always get stoked seeing rail tricks. kudos to Victor for teaching in English.

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