Backcountry Basics

8 Tips for Making the Most Of a Powder Day

If it's dumping and tomorrow is going to be bluebird - here are a few things worth thinking about

Don’t Go It Alone

Pillow fields like this are the stuff that dreams are made of

There’s no phrase used in snowboarding that’s more full of bullshit than ‘no friends on a pow day’; who seriously thinks that riding chairlifts alone is any fun (mountain bikers?), or that trying to dig yourself out of an avalanche is a good idea?

Plus, if you’re riding alone, who can you spray? The best bit about snowboarding is sharing the experience with others, be in cranking out pistes or lapping the park, so why should riding powder be any different?

Absolutely nothing can top dropping in surrounded by your best buds woopin’ and hollerin’ at you, so don’t miss out.