Trick Tips

A Beginners’ Guide to Shredding in the Streets. It’s Not As Hard As You Think

Like Spud in the Trainspotting job interview, a wee bit of speed is just what you need…

Don’t think about overshooting, but just like whilst riding park you can never have too much speed. Unhelpfully though, this is often the hardest thing to come by in ‘the streets’. As before, bungees are great if you have the room, ditto the more techy winches and car tows you might see in European and Stateside movies.

In Britain however, space is more of an issue and our architecture tends to squash everything close together, often eliminating these options. Most of the time you’ll just have to improvise, use every pallet, wheelie bin and rock you can find to sculpt your ideal drop-in, and if you find you’re losing too much speed on the way up too your lip add a cheeky ‘pump-hump’ or two to squeeze as much velocity out of the situation as you can. Again, you can always use more speed!

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