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6. Tignes

6. Tignes


You can't say Tignes doesn't have good spring conditions after seeing this right?
You can’t say Tignes doesn’t have good spring conditions after seeing this right?

This year Tignes will again play host to The Brits in late March, the signal that spring shred times have truly begun.

Another glacier that’s open in the summer, the park is typically French in that it will sometimes try its absolute best to maim or kill you, but on a good day it’s great. And if you see more than one person riding home with a shin bone sticking out their pants you can always go and have some fun on some of the funnest side-hits going.

Unfortunately, the website is classically French as well, meaning it’s nigh on impossible to find any good information about dates without being blasted by cheesy euro-pop, but as it normally stays open until early May we’ll assume it’ll be the same this year.

Fun Fact: The Barrage de Tignes, a huge dam, contains the submerged remains of the original mountain village. Once every ten years it’s drained for maintenance and you can glimpse the old buildings!

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