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5. Livigno

5. Livigno


Stefan Maurer going corked in Livigno. Photo: Cyril Mueller
Stefan Maurer going corked in Livigno. Photo: Cyril Mueller

One of the highest European resorts also has one of the longest history with freestyle snowboarding; with the two combined spring park riding in Livigno is an essential experience for any true snowboarder.

With the main park featuring four jump lines of varying sizes all the way up to some monstrous 25 meter tables and a huge range of jib features, there’ll be something for everyone in their world famous snow park.

The town has a duty free status so the booze flows fast and cheap, and with late season lifts prices as low as 132EUR for six days you’ll struggle to break the bank on the hill too. Even if the snow is whack you won’t have wasted much money and you can drink away your sorrows on just a few quid.

Fun Fact: Livigno has hosted their own international chess tournament since 2010, so there’s literally never not something to do in town!

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