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4. Åre

4. Åre


Sven Thorgren lays it out in Åre
Sven Thorgren lays it out in Åre. Photo: Lorenz Holder

The Swedish resort of Åre is one of the most Northerly in Europe, so conditions will be cold and snowy right into the spring. In fact, they’re not planning to close until the 4th May this year.

As well as an amazing range of parks for all abilities, if you make the trip in the early spring there’s still some of the world’s best heli-boarding going on in an area the size of Holland!

Coupled with an amazing scene that’s both laid back and ready to party, Åre really does have it all. What are you waiting for?

Fun Fact: Due to it’s Northerly position during the winter months the resort doesn’t see much sun, so to compensate they offer night skiing every evening through to January.

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