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Spring Wear – Five Things You Can Only Get Away with in Spring


If you’re gonna rock a lumberjack shirt, may as well do it with that facial hair… Pat Moore. Photo: Tim Zimmerman/Red Bull

Plaid shirts and snowboarding have a long history together, back from the time were riders had to ‘poach’ resorts using hiking boots in place of specifically designed footwear. When the sun comes out in the spring you’ll still see plaid patterns popping up all over the mountain.

But just as snowboard boots have evolved from those times, so has the humble lumberjack shirt; nowadays you can even get water/slush repellent varieties to keep you warmer for longer as well as taller shapes to help keep you bum dry. Analog do some pretty awesome ones, like this ‘Variant’ model; it even reverses into a faux Barbour jacket!

Analog Variant shirt in Navy Blue

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