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Crazy new hinged bindings: will these ever work?

Crazy new hinged bindings: will these ever work?

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We’ve had straps, rear entry, hybrid, step-in-step-out, swivel, EST and now this unique take on keeping you strapped to your stick.

The Pivit binding system lets your leg get flat to the board giving you loads more flexibility and opening up a whole new realm or possibilities for boning out your tricks.

The system is still in it’s development stage so we haven’t seen how they handle in park or on powder but designer Christopher Hassell claims that they will run just as well as regular bindings and won’t effect control.

Opinion is divided in the Whitelines office but we’re curious to see them in action. Check out the full promo video above and let us know what you think below.

  1. tristan

    @Jim – I dunno, I thought it sounded pretty similar in principle to Nick Visconti’s loosening his back binding to get proper tuck-knee skate style grabs. Check the second trick in this video, isn’t that basically the same idea? https://vimeo.com/15231832#

    Mebbe you’d need one swivel binding and one regular one? I dunno, I thought it was an interesting idea…

  2. Jim

    Opinion is divided at the Whitelines office? Really..?

  3. Jason Horton

    Looking forward to seeing someone tailpress that bad boy.

  4. kevin13769

    This idea is NOT new, in fact this first surfaced 4 years ago, so whoever is doing the research over there really needs to up there game, it is not really a cool idea, and this write up, would be a better look at exactly why this will fail…


    Makes your magazine look a little incompetent when you bring up old stuff like this as NEW, it also feeds hope to the guy who came up with this ridiculous idea as people that have not seen it before actually ask questions… If it was meant to work, it would already be out there… ;)

  5. Peter Schunk

    Anyone though how weird this would look on a lift? Someone would think the binding broke :P


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