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New ‘Selfie’ Mount from GoPro

The GoPro 3-Way

GoPro have announced a new mount for their popular camera device, promising to give you three new ways to capture the best of your action, hence the quirky name: The 3-Way.

Wear It, Mount It, Love It.

Hilarious, but not as much so as GoPro’s new tagline: ‘Wear It, Mount It, Love It.’ Brilliant.

Funny names aside, this is a pretty nifty piece of kit from the guys at GoPro: both a tripod and a extendable arm that pack down to less than 20cm in length, small enough not to be a nuisance on the mountain.

Plus, in a very 2014 move the extendable can arm fold out into a sort of arc, meaning that if you have your camera set to ‘selfie‘ mode you can avoid having the pole in shot. Great for truly immersive footage or pictures .

Unlike with many selfies on the internet, yours can now be pole free.

A tiny tripod stand is also packed away in the handle, meaning you can prop you ‘pro up wherever you like for those static cam shots.

It’s listed on the GoPro website for £70, but as with all camera gear the more you spend the better the end result. Not an essential accessory, but if you’re serious about your GoPro-ing, one you might consider.

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