How to Tune and Detune Your Snowboard Edges


Cruising around the mountain on your fresh-out-the-pack board with shiny new edges is all fine and dandy but eventually after inevitable wear and tear you’ll find your edges aren’t the same as when they first started out. To bring your edges back to that original grippy feel it’s time to get your board into your homemade workshop and give them a re-tune.

1. Set your edging tool

Most will come with four settings. Boards that come out of the factory will have the edges set at 89 degrees. Top end pipe boards might be 87, then you have 88 and 86. 86 is probably best for rail riding, but it’s all down to personal preference what you want.

2. Slide your tool along the edge

Start at the widest point, and slide to the widest point. That’s called the effective edge – it’s the only bit that touches the snow. Ideally you need to do that a minimum of three times.

3. Detune the contact points

When you catch edges, it’s usually because you haven’t done this. Use an old file or a gummi stone, and take the sharpness off about five centimetres each side of the widest point. A proper freestyler would do this all along. You’d clean the edges by sharpening them, then detune them so they don’t catch anywhere.

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