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5. Extra Batteries

5. Extra Batteries

That familiar feeling...
That familiar feeling…

Power to the people! The most annoying thing that can happen is getting to the top of a chair on a blue bird day, ready to film that ‘I’m on holiday aren’t you jealous’ Facebook brag video, only to find you forgot to charge the damn GoPro the night before. Any pro filmer will tell you that their number one tip is to always pack extra batteries. Compared to the price of the GoPro itself, extra batteries are as cheap as chips.

The SP power bar
The SP power bar

Another option for long missions where there might not be a convenient power point is to get your hands on a rechargeable pack like this SP Powerbar – not only can you charge up to two GoPro batteries simultaneously from the mains, but it can store enough power to charge one battery out in the field. Handy for those long split board missions!

GoPro Batteries: £19.99 each
SP Powerbar: £53.61

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