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10 Essential GoPro Accessories

You might be able to come up with something a little more reliable than this…

The GoPro pole is an obvious one to anyone who has struggled to follow their mate down the piste, shaking their footage right into the desktop recycling bin. Not only does mounting your GoPro on the end of a stick stabilise it somewhat, but it allows you get right up close and personal with the action. As you already know, when it come to wide angled cameras, the closer the better.

Whilst we at WL rock the ‘SP Remote Pole‘ because the mount for the remote allows you to trigger record more easily, we’d also recommend GoPro’s own ‘three-way selfie mount‘ as it allows you to mount the GoPRo in a variety of ways, not least the configuration that lets you shoot back at yourself without the pole itself being included in the footage.

SP Remote Pole (39 Inches): £49.99
GoPro 3-Way Pole: £69.99

GoPro’s own ‘selfie’ pole

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