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Another bit of action-tat for your anti-Christmas list...

Another bit of action-tat for your anti-Christmas list...

Intern Intern

Following our recent article (rant) on action-tat, we’ve found another item that will definitely not make it onto our Christmas list. This time, though, the product does purport to have a purpose. Snowboard Addiction‘s “Balance Bar” is a little bar of plastic that you can use to practice jibbing on in a “controlled environment.” It is made of “solar resistant materials” (meaning what? It doesn’t melt in the daytime?) and is generally weatherproof (although surely if you’re jibbing outside in a lightning storm you’ve lost the “controlled environment”). If you can’t tell from the picture and video, it is literally a metre long red plastic stick with a “spin device”, which is just another bit of recycled plastic, on top. It also comes in pink.

So granted, this is a bit different to those Boing bracelets. Snowboard Addiction seem to be a pretty legit company, who put out trick tip DVDs and run camps and instructor courses, which makes it even more strange that they would chose to make such a product with so little purpose. It seems to us like all of those useless bits of kitchen equipment that you see in department stores  – they all have a “purpose”, but the circumstance in which you’d need to use it are so far-fetched that there’s really no point in going to the bother of inventing it. It seems like they’ve had to invent the problem before marketing a solution.

Because they even seem to have missed the point of jibbing. The whole point, especially in the street, is finding something different to what you know. Practising on a single piece of kit will “improve your muscle memory” only if you’re out looking to jib on more identical “Balance Bars”. Maybe it gives you the most basic feel for spinning on and off, but maybe you should just go out in the park and try something a little less ambitious whilst you get a feel. If you really are all that desperate to jib in your living room maybe just use a bit of 2×4 and save yourself $69.99.

What other useless crap have you seen being sold to snowboarders recently? Comments below...

  1. Sam

    I DONT agree with you on this one Whitelines. I think a big company like Whitelines should be supporting small companys like Snowboard Addiction etc…
    The end of 2013 could see the end of Special Blend, Forum…. and this just goes to show how much support these companys need.

  2. Fergus H

    Sorry mate, but Dave really hit the nail on the head here. I think there’s something a bit off about all of these comments.

    Keep up the good work DAVE!!!

  3. F

    I completely agree with Dave on this one. Properly suspicious…

  4. Dave Simpson

    Anyone else thinks this looks a bit suspicious? The maker of a product that Whitelines are questioning reads the article, and posts a response then IMMEDIATELY afterwards four other people jump in to back him up…? They all have suspiciously similar writing styles and similar stories about how great the product and the company is. You don’t have to login to comment on this site -My bet is that ‘Dominik H.’, ‘Paul’, ‘Wes’ and err ‘E’ are all ‘Nev’ using a different name. I mean who calls themselves ‘E’?

    1. Dominik H.

      Hi Dave Simpson, hi all

      My full name is Dominik Hetman, I’m from Wroclaw (Poland) and have no connection with the SA (except site subscription).

      Why I’m defending Nev ?

      I wrote my comments just because really appreciate good work, effort of Nev and his team to develop all training materials.
      Nev done something different. There is a lot of so called “how to” which bringing nothing new for me, because the way of describing is very chaotic (threat trick like an obvious). SA videos are very technical and detailed, have professional approach which I personally like – it might be because I’m rather old… (or even old as F*** 30). I don’t have ages to experiment a lot by myself, so looking for all kinds of “ help” which can help me improve my ride. This video trainings really helped me to understand substance of the trick and learn it faster.

      I think that next SA product “Bar“ has same quality as videos, so it won’t be a crap.

      Please also consider that this “Bar” is rather for beginners/improvers, so for you Pros it might be funny.

      I guess that Nev is living his dream, has work and fun at same time. It’s a natural way of progress, that he is dropping next product on the market to satisfy his customers… like every company on the market do.

      I just wish him and whole SA team the best, that’s all.


  5. Dominik H.

    I confirm that this kind of devices are helpful. Personally I have some homemade bar, I’ve seen the SA videos, done some practice at home, then hit some basic tricks in park more easily. Of course it will never displace a real park training, but definitely it DOES HELP.
    Imagine that not everybody can visit resort everyday they want. I’m living in big city in about 2,5h by car to closest resort, have regular office job 9-17, and other duties… So why not have some evening practice on it, even for few minutes to feel better, relax after work or whatever ?

  6. Paul

    I’m gonna defend this product, SA are not they type to bring out a usless product that will not help riders progress in a specific area.
    after buying the SA Dvd’s, they helped me progress my snowboarding a lot, i even built a 4 x 4 Balance bar to practice on and it definitely helped my rail riding improve dramatically.

    Keep up the good Work NEV!!!

  7. Wes

    Im gonna have to agree with the snowboard addiction guys on this one. Yes it may be a little expensive and yes you could probably make one yourself for £5 but the fact that these guys are actually getting together to actively and progressively try and push the sport says something. If you dont like it dont buy it. Alot of people will find the bar useful and I would imagine very addictive (excuse the pun). By investigating this article I have found the video’s which are very in depth and something that alot of up and coming boards would find incredibly helpful in taking that step to spinning their first 3 or getting inverted. Just saying ;)

  8. E

    I actually have one of these and I think you’re just hating for the sake of hating. It DOES serve a purpose. It has proven to help people with their jibbing. It is good exercise and helps with muscle memory. It also helps you learn the basics of tricks in a controlled environment where you won’t get hurt. A lot of good riders use similar or self made jib trainers.

  9. Nev Lapwood

    Hey Intern, thanks for dissing our product!
    Especially since we are members of your “Savers Card” I wonder if you boss with me stoked on you dissing companies who work together.
    Humphrey and Gavin thanks for your support.
    I’m personally stoked on this product and believe we’ll be selling it for years to come.
    I’ve built myself balance bars out of 4 by 4 in the past which is cheap. But it’s nice to have nicely branded product that is strong lite and easy to move around etc.

  10. Gavin Robbie

    To be honest, I slightly disagree with you on this one. True, I wouldn’t give $70 on one, but I would conisder spending £7 on a Maverix jibber (http://www.maverix.org/maverix-jibbers/) which looks as though its basically the same thing.

    I have always been really rubbish at rails, but having been on a few Maverix courses and the drill of getting used to jumping on, balancing and getting off set me off really well for getting used to riding rails / boxes.

    If I lived in a resort, or somewhere that had regular snow then I would be fine and just go out and practice on rails, but living somewhere with no hills and no snow, then I think they’re fairly helpful.

  11. Humphrey

    Despite this, the snowboard addiction vidoes are really sick if your just learning freestyle, they helped me a lot with spinning and jibbing.


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