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The true All-In-One suit

The true All-In-One suit

There have been outfits thrown around the evidence locker at Fashion Police HQ but we’ve never seen an outfit that had actually matched the ski that was being worn. Not only that but it matches the mono-ski. Holy shit I hear you say. Holy shit indeed!
This screwdriver has actually bought a one piece that matches his mono-ski so he can tell people how cool he is. By the way, he’s not. You’ll vomit after looking at his suit, then vomit after looking at his piece of mono crap. Great, and I’ve just had lunch… ooh lettuce….mmm

Thanks for nothing Mr Day-glo

Photo: Mark Townsend

  1. Callum

    i wish i was as cool as him. HAAAHA

  2. Nick


  3. David

    I saw this dude in Tignes in 2006. He had red wig with devil horns and the mono ski. What a tool!

  4. mb

    I’m goin to La Plagne in a few weeks, I shall look out for this fucker, shouldn’t be hard. I’ll have my camera primed for all the style gurus.

  5. Chris

    wat a massive c**t

  6. Hand

    Ha, we saw that guy in La Plagne last week too!! Maybe he was saving the mono-ski for the last day to complete the awesomeness?

  7. Em

    Actually, I don’t think the one we saw had a mono-ski…oh my god there’s more than one!!

  8. Em

    We saw him in La Plagne last week and also felt compelled to take pics! What a legend! (Sort of!)

  9. Nislo!

    oh my god! what f*`¨in is this? haha

  10. Timmy

    That’s siick! Id rock it. Dudes got style.

  11. Billiebob


  12. soozle

    too awful for words…


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